What happend in the shop this week? Week 36/2020

US Army wood sign

Week 36, we made a good mix of Military signs, Outdoor Backyard signs and Running medal holders. Every year in late summer beginning of fall our “Biergarten sign” is getting good sales numbers.


BBQ wood sign
BBQ Grill Sign 23×7
US Army wooden plaque

Lake House Sign 23×9 with a Bear and Bear paws

lake house wood sign with bear
23×9 Lake house sign
lake house wood sign with bear

As for shop improvements, we recently bought another JET 16-32 Drum Sander and I have been working on a in line setup to speed up the sanding operation.

jet drum sander 19-32
jet drum sander 19-32
jet drum sander 19-32
in line drum sander setup with in/out feed table

Another area I focused on this week is our lumber storage area. Boards started to be delivered in 8 and 10ft long. I had to widen the area by 2ft.

wood shop
lumber storage
10ft and 8ft premium clear pine boards

For our Garage to Cabin conversion I build a custom door, inspired by a door in my old neiborhood in Germany.

wooden door

I installed the siding on the south side of the garage. Slowly but surely the Garage is looking more like a cabin.