What happened in the shop this week? Week 36/2022


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Week 36: We made a good mix of Military signs, Outdoor Backyard signs and Running medal holders. Every year in late summer/beginning of fall our “Biergarten sign” gets good sales numbers.


BBQ wood sign
BBQ Grill Sign 23×7
US Army wooden plaque

Lake House Sign 23×9 with a Bear and Bear paws

lake house wood sign with bear
23×9 Lake house sign
lake house wood sign with bear

As for shop improvements, we recently bought another JET 16-32 Drum Sander and I have been working on an in-line setup to speed up the sanding operation.

jet drum sander 19-32
jet drum sander 19-32
jet drum sander 19-32
in-line drum sander setup with in/out feed table

Another area I focused on this week is our lumber storage area. Boards started to be delivered in 8 and 10ft long. I had to widen the area by 2ft.

wood shop
lumber storage
10ft and 8ft premium clear pine boards

For our Garage to Cabin conversion I built a custom door inspired by a door in my old neighborhood in Germany.

wooden door

I installed the siding on the south side of the garage. Slowly but surely the garage is looking more like a cabin.

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