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What happened in the shop this week? Wk 39/2022

Custom military plaques…

This week in the shop we had a large presence of unique military signs. Some standard US Air Force and US Army plaques but also some very cool looking emblems like the Winged Warriors Support emblem or the VANGUARD emblem.

The “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” is a 23×7 standard design we keep in stock to offer fast shipping.  


Get your own military sign here

Running medal displays…

Week 39: We sold a lot of standard “RUN” medal displays. We keep most of the sizes and peg configurations in stock to ensure we can ship out next day.
Here are some custom Running Medal Holders. 
The “RUN” Trophy shelf is the first one we’ve produced with a darker stain color. Shown below is a Dark Walnut finish.  All other medal displays are special walnut stain. 
The ‘Witness The Fitness’ running medal holder was a custom job where we had to convert the logo for carving and match the custom font the the text. The customer also ordered a personal note on the back


Everything else…

We made a few home bar signs in 23×7 and 23×11, a home gym sign and because it’s October, a customized Biergarten sign


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